NaNoWriMo Update Goodness

As predicted, since going back to work has limited the amount of writing I have gotten on my book. I’ve been chipping away at it this week, with an average of 1k words a day. Not amazing stuff, but I have done this a bit myself too. I’ve had time the last two nights to write more when I got home, but I decided to take the tiniest of breaks because I have tomorrow off and plan on getting the 50k by the end of the day.

Today I won’t be getting any writing done except what I can fit in during breaks at work. I have a concert tonight (I’m finally getting to see Fleetwood Mac! And I couldn’t be more excited!), so I deliberately left my ipad at home since that’s just one thing I could lose in the excitement of the day. I have my pen and paper tho, so all is not lost.

Being this close to 50k has me sitting on cloud nine! I have officially eclipsed the number of words total I have done over the years. I am also feeling so goos about the place I’m in that I’m considering starting book 2 as soon as Bloodlines is done. I’d be silly not to use the momentum of it all to, it just means triple the amount of work in editing. And omg. The editing is going to be horrible. I know when I write the words they are amateurish, at best, but I’m writing them anyway to get thru it all.

I definitely don’t envy future me. (And hubby and my bestie and whomever gets the joy of the editing after all that.)

We’re nearing the halfway point of the month! How is everyone else doing? 🙂


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