NaNo Progress Update

I hit 40k yesterday!  ‘Reeyyyyyy!!!!

I was fully committed to writing on the train to work today, and then I got on it and realised I wasn’t getting to write this morning. There are specific seats, about 20 of them per car, that I am able to write in because the seat in front of them has a back onto which my backpack can sit against while I write. I have a habit of typing into a frenzy causing my bag to slowly fall off my legs and onto the floor or someone’s legs.

Today no such seats were available. Instead I was forced into a seat that faces a person instead of a back. It’s devastating because I had such good ideas for the writing today. I will instead have to find time during breaks and maybe be lucky enough to get one of those 20 seats on my ride home. Typing on my phone is painful too, so I’ll end this here.

Here’s hoping you all get some awesome time on your books today!


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