Day 4 – NaNoWriMo Progress

It has occurred to me that, perhaps, I should be writing these blogs at the end of the day instead of the start of a given day, but I’ve made this a habit now. So I’ll just stick with it.

By the end of Day 3, I had written 15,875 words.

I did not quite make my target of 6k yesterday, though. I missed my almost 800 words. Today I’ve gotten up early, though, and the plan is to chase down that 1k to add to my overall total by the end of the day today.

Yesterday turned challenging, though. I’ve gotten to a point, where I have realised my chapters are much shorter than I anticipated, and the concern is that I do not have enough material to reach the 50k words. I’m glad I have figured that out now, though.

So even though my rough outline told me I had a dream for Amanda set for an entire chapter, I got to the end of the chapter and saw only 4 pages of chapter… Yep! I just used the same word 3 times in one sentence! Is it noticeable? haha… I freaked out, and for about an hour, I combed through it and found a spot where I could add to the action. 4 pages later, I finished the chapter.

The pages have me concerned, still, and I’m looking already at combining a few to make a large chapter of 15+ pages.

The biggest surprise so far is how much the material has changed. I may have a plan, but I am pantsing the shit out of this and adding stuff I never even thought of before. It’s so much fun!

Hope you’re all enjoying your time with NaNo. Just remember, I’m getting a solid 8 hours a day to write my words, and next week I’ll be likely to get a meager 1k a day, if that. I’m well and truly on target to get my 30k before I return to work, though, so that is really awesome!

6k target today with 10k as a stretch. I can do this! 😀


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