Day 3 Progress – NaNoWriMo

Day 3 of National Novel Writing Month has begun, and I’m well and truly on target for my end goal for this week of 30k words. At the end of yesterday, I clocked in at 10,577 words. I’m not the fastest writer in the world, but some of that is self-imposed by taking regular breaks for water and movement. Some of it is simply because of distractions like cats jumping on my lap demanding cuddles and puppies being cute and asking for belly rubs.

So far, though, I’m pretty happy with my progress. I did not end up getting through to chapter 6 as I intended, and I’m glad I didn’t. That would have meant some seriously short chapters. I’m still in Chapter 4, at the start of today, so that means I should hopefully be to Chapter 6 today, if I am perfectly honest with myself.

My goal today is 6k words again, and I know from yesterday that it is definitely achievable. In fact, at this point, I have decided to do a stretch target of 10k today, but I will not be severely disappointed if I don’t get there, since I’m starting late and plan on doing a 2km run at lunch today.

I was not great with my exercise yesterday, though. I didn’t end up doing much in the morning workout because I was so distracted, and my lunch workout ended up being a run in the backyard with my puppy. I made up for it for a boxing fitness class last night, sort of, but today I have to be better. Leg weights workout tonight, dog walk and then the run at lunch. It’s going to be a fun day!

How’s everyone else’s journey going so far? Remember… I may be at 10k words now, but 2k of that was forced and I still made it through, so if you’ve hit a wall, just walk through it, not backward. You can always fix the stuff you don’t like in the edit. My whole first chapter will need a massive rewrite once I’m done, but not right now. I got a goal to make. haha

Enough pep talk… time to write!


5 thoughts on “Day 3 Progress – NaNoWriMo

  1. You’re going well there. Miles ahead of me 🙂

    I am struggling a little to get started (11 hour work day on Monday didn’t help) but expect to pick up some slack in the weekend.

    Still it is a marathon, not a sprint and I have the last week off if I need to catch up (I am hopeful I will be pretty advanced by then though)

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