NaNoWriMo Day 2

This week will probably be the only time I do these regular posts, since I am off for the week, but after that, we’ll see how I come along. This is mostly to keep myself accountable for the amount of words I wrote the day before.

I made a promise to myself before the start of this week. Well, a few:

  1. Do a workout as soon as you get up, whether it’s something high intensity or just walking the dog. Get up and move your ass.
  2. Walk away from the computer once an hour for water and a stretch.
  3. Eat 5 meals a day as you normally would.
  4. Take a break midway through the day to walk or exercise.
  5. No gaming or videos between 8am and 5pm. This is your writing time.

Yesterday, I stuck to my plan for the most part, except the water and stretching thing. I forgot to restart my timer and was often remembering 2 hours later.

In the end, I wrote 4077 words yesterday. Not as high as I wanted, which caused me to realise something. I’m self-editing my sentences before I am even typing them onto the page.Super ridiculous. I think I could have had 5k if it weren’t for that. Also, lots distract me. Hubby was home, so he was playing video games which made me turn to see what was going on and not really immerse myself into my story. But mostly the beginning is always the hardest for me.

Today’s writing will be taking the girls to summer camp and all that unfolds there. The action at the beginning was fun, but this will be really really fun. My goal is to get through to Chapter 6 today, which is very achievable, and will warrant at least 5k out of me. Fingers crossed I can make it happen!

To all those competing, give yourselves a great pat on your back! Your novel has started whether it’s typed or just in your head, it’s begun.

Now to go do my workout before I get too excited to do it. 😉


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