Day 15 – Write a 500-word story for your book’s main character

The full titlle of today’s blog is: Write a 500-word story based on an early memory of your main character that will not be featured in the book. I thought it might be a little long for a title if I put all that into it.

Nevertheless, it’s finally the last day of my blog challenge! It’s been a whole lot of fun writing this, and I have learned heaps about my book that I may not have figured out without doing this. One thing I have forgotten to mention is that my original book actually came in at 44560 words, which I was quite surprised about, and arms me suitably to try and smash that. I also had never really spent a great deal of time working on Nadia’s backstory, and it was all thanks to this challenge that I did do that.

So thanks,  me, for coming up with this challenge! >_> I just high-fived myself…. actually, not really. I’m on the train, and it’s already weird enough that I write on my tablet on the train.

But I digress… After today, I will try and post regular updates about my progress through NaNoWriMo and any issues I come across whilst in its grasp. Expect a few frequent posts next week, since I am on annual leave, but after that it may only be once a week. I have set myself a target of 3k a day next week, so that I am closer to 30k by the end of it, but I have also set a stretch target of 5k on the first few days. I did take time off just for this, so I better take serious advantage of it.

Today’s story, much like the one for Nadia, will not be in the book in any way, so I’m not breaking any of my rules about writing material before the challenge. Hope you enjoy! 😀


Toddler Tantrums (408 words)
Shannon wailed. Her tears fell into puddles at her feet. Her gaze was stuck on the glass surrounding her – the remains of a glass of water she had just finished. Her tiny arms barely reached the bench top, so it had sat far too carelessly on the edge.

As her cry escalated, the ground began to shake – a small amount at first but faster as the intensity built. Wind blew the glass shards away from Shannon and she collapsed onto the ground. Her body shook with the mounting quake. Just ahead of her the stove ignited into flames that grew fast and high.

The smoke in the air sounded an alarm.

Everything was too much for Shannon, and she just knew the world was ending.

She could barely hear her name being called, as she clasped her ears and continued to bellow out the most blood-curdling scream.

Her tiny body was lifted from the ground, and her eyes fell upon Rosa.

“Shannon!” Rosa said.

Then Rosa brought Shannon forward and held her tight.

“It’ll be alright,” Rosa repeated over and over.

Her gentle strokes on the back of her hair were warming, but Shannon didn’t calm.

“Shannon,” she heard another familiar voice say.

She could feel their presence, but she couldn’t see anything but Rosa’s back and the mounting flames.

“Shannon, I’m here!”

Shannon turned her head to the left. Her cheek rested on Rosa’s shoulder.

Amanda stood in the doorway, just inches away from the flames.

“Shannon, be calm,” she heard.

Shannon blinked away the tears  and sniffled. Her gaze locked on Amanda’s. The flames diminished until they were no longer there.

The smoke alarm stopped its ringing, and the quake slowed and stopped.

Shannon’s cry ended, but she held Rosa tight.

“Sorry,” she whispered.

“It’s okay, Shannon. Mistakes happen. It’s how we deal with them that defines us,” Rosa said.

Rosa’s weight shifted as something pulled on her skirt.

“Oh!” Rosa said. She lowered Shannon and smiled at Amanda, “When did you get here?”

“Just before, Aunty Rosa!” Amanda answered. “Is Shannon able to play?”

“She sure is! You girls run along.”

Shannon and Amanda grabbed hands, ran out of the kitchen, and past Lydia to get into the playroom.

As they played with their blocks and trains, Amanda laughed.

“They’re talking about you again,” she said.

“Okay,” Shannon said.

“Something about you don’t know your strength. What do they mean?”

Shannon shrugged.

2 thoughts on “Day 15 – Write a 500-word story for your book’s main character

  1. One day to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not sure if over prepared or under prepared.

    I keep thinking my story is flawed when I am out and about but when I get back to my laptop it makes sense. Sigh

    Liked by 1 person

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