Day 10 – Recognition of other writers you follow and why they inspire you

Before I get started,  I have to admit something. Last night I started writing my novel…. in my head. I literally started with the first word and an hour later I was still going at it. The worst part about this was the fact that I was in bed and trying to get some sleep. I had contemplated getting up this morning and just start to write it, but then I have to subtract the number of words I write this week from my total starting next week. And that just doesn’t sound like fun. So I thought better of it. But the concept excited me to no end. Yesterday I went to the craft store and bought myself some poster board and an extra long ruler. I had previously written a very small version of a family tree for both my mains, but now I’ve decided to map it out completely. It’s going to take a little bit of effort, but I plan on having it blu-tacked to the wall above my desk. It can be my go-to guide and a little way to remove my eyes from the screen from time-to-time.

I’ve said before I draw inspiration from a lot of things, but great writing is obviously one of those things. Today’s prompt asks that I recognise the writers whose blogs I follow and how it is that they inspire me. It’s basically an ad for the people I enjoy reading from the most. Follow these guys. They’re pretty rad!

Newshound to Novelist

My first one is actually one of my newer follows. I met her just before Round 2 of the Flash Fiction Challenge 2015 at NYC Midnight. She helped me beta read my story, and I helped with hers. Her story went on to be in the top 5 of her group, and she’s moved on to Round 3 of the challenge. That was all her, though. I only helped a smidgen.

She has a distinct writer’s voice, so whenever she writes a story, I always want to read it. Her blog is filled with great advice, and she is actively participating in a Blogging 101 challenge at the moment, so she posts frequently.

She inspires me because she has children, works, and still has time to blog and write. I find that incredible, when I struggle juggling my writing with my work, exercising, and competing interests. I don’t have children, but I can’t imagine being able to get writing in full stop if I did. Also, she’s just a lovely person, too!

Interpreter of Inspiration

My next favourite blog is from Shanan Winters at Interpreter of Inspiration. She is also a competitor in the NYC Midnight challenges. I’ve enjoyed her work both years that I have competed, but I only recently started reading her blog. She also helped beta read my story for Round 2, and I hers. I didn’t have anything of worth to give her on hers, though, because I really enjoy the world she is building with her series Coven Thirteen Missions.

Every story I have read of hers has been really fantastic, but additional to that, is she has some great advice and insights about the world of writing. She’s a software code writer by day, and a writer, freelance editor, and copywriter by night. haha You can check out her services on her blog, and some of her writing, as well.

She’s inspiring for many of the same reasons as Donna, above. Shanan is a mother, works full-time, and manages to write fantastic pieces of fiction outside of all of that. She posts frequently on her blog, and she’s just about to release a novel Rising: Book One of the Adept Cycle, which I cannot wait to read! She’s like a superwoman!

Jen’s Pen Den

Last but not least, is Jen. Jen is another fabulous writer that I became exposed to via the NYC Midnight challenges. If she reads your story, she always provides incredibly helpful advice on how to improve it. She’s read every one of my stories to date, and her advice almost mirrors or exceeds that of the judges. She’s a fantastic writer too. I haven’t read a single story I didn’t enjoy of hers.

Her blog is filled with fantastic advice. She actively wants to impart her knowledge on other writers, and I use her blog as a resource all of the time, especially when I start the editing process. I even wrote about her in my Common Mistakes post a few days ago.

Her blog segues into her editing and critiquing business. I have to admit out of all of the feedback I receive on NYC Midnight forums, hers is the most professional and thorough. I actively want her to read my work, because I know for a fact I will get honest and helpful feedback. I honestly believe she is one of the main reasons I have become a stronger writer. (Though Shanan is second to that, as well.) I have already made an active decision to utilise her services once I feel comfortable with showing my book to the outside world.

Jen inspires me because of all of the above. She’s a professional, but she also shows compassion and optimism. And she’s an amazing writer to boot.


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