Day 5 – Write character sheets for your supporting characters

So it’s time for Round 2 of the character sheets. This time, it won’t be as in-depth as my main character ones, but that’s not meant to mean they won’t be fleshed out in the story. It’s mostly to conserve time, since I want to write about 4 characters. My supporting characters drive a lot of the story forward, since my protagonists know little to nothing about the world they are suddenly exposed to, and it would be seriously unfair to throw them into the deep end without at least a little explanation.

Name: Rosa Mendoza
Age: Looks 50, actually 216
Ethnicity: Argentinian – though accent nil as been in English speaking worlds for over 190 years.
Talent/Skills: Can sing, has a timeless beauty; Elemental Mystic
Occupation: Foster Mother of Hope Orphanage
Spouses: None
Siblings: 2 Brothers – Hugo, Jorge (deceased) // 3 Sisters – all deceased 
Parents: Rosalia & Jorge Mendoza – recently deceased
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 145lb
History: Rosa is the oldest child of Rosalia and Jorge Mendoza, who are known to be the strongest Elemental Mystics to have lived. Her parents lived well into their 200s and Rosa and brother Hugo has followed in their footsteps. It is said that the Mendoza family single-handedly protected Argentina during the attempted sieges of the British empire, despite what history says about it. But when fear spread across the world, Rosa left Argentina in pursuit of answers to a growing question in her mind. She has spent the majority of her life searching for the ones spoken of in prophecy, developing her powers to be able to teach and protect them until their awakening. It was 15 years ago that she found the answer and she has fulfilled her promise thus far. She has protected Shannon from multiple threats despite her not knowing.

Name: Lydia Welch
Age: 61, looks early 40s.
Ethnicity: Half Native American/Caucasian
Talent/Skills: Domestic Goddess with sewing, crocheting and knitting all strong suits; Holy & Guardian Mystic.
Occupation: Seamstress
Spouses: Edward Welch – deceased
Siblings: Henry Lee – deceased
Parents: William & Marie Lee – deceased
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 150lb
History: In her relatively short life, Lydia has known pain like no other. At a young age, before being told she was part of a line of Mystics, her parents were killed during a battle with a Dark Mystic. Her brother was with them and was taken. She never saw him again until well into her 30s. At 20, she married Edward Welch, as her powers surfaced. At 25, when she was pregnant with Frank, Edward suddenly died. She never married again, instead focusing all of her attention in providing for Frank. In her mid-30s, she was fully realised in her powers, and she saw her brother for the first time in over 15 years. She sensed the evil in him. She had to kill him to protect her son. Frank married at the age of 20, during her 46th year, and soon Anne was pregnant with Amanda. That year Frank passed, as well. To help protect Amanda, Lydia took Anne and Amanda in to her home and cared for Amanda so that Anne could adequately provide for her. She has been protecting Amanda since.

Name: Nadia Crowell
Age: 254
Ethnicity: English
Talent/Skills: Unknown// Dark Mystic – Unholy & Elemental
Occupation: None
Spouses: Thomas
Siblings: Dorencia – deceased
Parents: unknown
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 140lb
History: Nadia and her husband Thomas moved to the New World in the late 1700s. She bore a daughter, Gertrude a few years later. Then after the beginning of the American revolution, she used the opportunity to instigate some chaos in an effort to get what she moved to the New World for. It wasn’t long before she was found out by the Mystic residents of her community and was cursed inside her own home as a temporary effort to protect the town. For 200 years she has laid mostly dormant in her home. If ever someone entered, she used her power to get rid of them, as she waited for the one person with the ability to break the curse to come back. She wants desperately to reclaim her bloodline, as her daughter had been stolen away before the curse.
There is much more to Nadia than what I am putting there, but I am still ironing out some of her story. She is certainly not wholly evil, and there is a level of ambiguity to her. But I’ll leave that to tell in the book instead. Hope you are enjoying my trip (and your own, if you’re joining along)  down NaNo prep lane. I can’t contain my excitement to get this started!


2 thoughts on “Day 5 – Write character sheets for your supporting characters

  1. Getting close now 🙂

    I completed my prequel last night (basically finished off last year’s NaNoWriMo) and my planning for 2015 begins tonight, in between killing the headless horseman in the Scarlet Monastery

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