Day 1 – Write a Page-Long Synopsis

If you haven’t read my previous blog, basically, I’m doing a 15 day Blog Challenge. See more about it here. This is a bit of a cheat, since the book hasn’t been (re)started yet. But I set myself this particular task so it forces me to see how much will change over the course of writing the book and to act as a bit of a guide. Also, because this isn’t specifically being written for an actual submission of work, it will not include the dreaded spoilers of the end. So I guess you can say it’s not actually a proper page-long synopsis, but you get what I’m trying to do here. So without further ado…

Title: The Young Mystics: Bloodlines and Destinies, Book 1 of the Young Mystics series

Synopsis: SHANNON Downings and AMANDA Welch have been best friends since they were toddlers. Amanda frequently came to the foster home in which Shannon resided as her grandmother, LYDIA, was always helping ROSA, the foster mother, after school. When she was five, Shannon was adopted by the Downings’s family and now both Shannon and Amanda live next door to one another almost like one big happy family.

Their home-life is not so happy, though, so they are thankful, in the summer of their fifteenth years, when they are both sent to a camp. During their escape from reality, they are introduced to the Crowell estate. A house on the edge of camp that is said to be haunted. During a harmless game of baseball, Amanda accidentally hits the ball into the house’s living room window.

Amanda is sent to get the ball, but Shannon refuses to let her go alone. They go in, apprehensive, and instantly they are filled with regret. Something evil within has awakened, but the power is felt more than seen. When Amanda faints, Shannon calls for help, and the camp goers help with getting Amanda out.

Shannon waits at her side hoping for Amanda to rise. When she touches Amanda, she suddenly can see what Amanda is seeing, and a reality occurs to her. Both Amanda and Shannon have some form of power in them. When Amanda wakes, she confirms what they both suddenly know. But now only more questions arise.

The woman in the house, NADIA Crowell, reaches out to Shannon in her dreams that night. She tells her that she is her ancestor, and she has a dark purpose that she has only just started to fulfill. By entering the house, Shannon had broken a two century old curse, and now Nadia wants to be joined with her bloodline to complete the remainder of the destiny. Shannon refuses, but doubt lays dormant within her. What if Nadia is right? What if she is destined to destroy?

Shannon and Amanda are taken back early from camp due to Amanda’s episode. When Lydia arrives to bring them back home, she brings Rosa with her. They both take them to another house and give them the news. Both Rosa and Lydia are Mystics – a group of people with powers bestowed upon them to help others and protect the world from the Dark Mystics.

The Mystics are bestowed their gifts around their 20th year, but most are born of a bloodline. At a young age, both Shannon and Amanda showed that they would be mystics as well. A destiny had been mapped centuries ago that said two young mystics would be born during an age when the balance had shifted towards darkness. They would show great power at a young age, and they would help to restore a balance between the light and the dark. In order to protect them from the Mystic world, Rosa and Lydia had kept their abilities a secret. Most born with the bloodline were prepped for it before their 20th year.

Shannon had been born with the ability of nature, and at her grasp, she could manipulate the elements. Amanda had been born with the ability to manipulate the mind and body. Between the two of them, they have been bestowed gifts 5 years earlier than they were meant to, and at a level of only those who had been practicing for decades.

Their biggest enemy is not Nadia, though; it is self-doubt. The seeds had been planted for Shannon, and she wrestles with them continuously. She struggles to understand her history and a mother she never knew while Amanda struggles to understand her own family history. Both were born of a long line of Mystics, but where the Welch’s seemed to be holy, Shannon’s was shrouded in mystery.

As Rosa and Lydia work to develop their abilities, Nadia works to strengthen herself. Shannon senses it, and for the first time in her life, she leaves Amanda behind to face Nadia alone. Amanda realises this and goes after Shannon, but not before Shannon has already been corrupted – in the form of an alter-ego.

Shannon has her own demon to face from within, but with the help of Lydia and Amanda, they are able to suppress the darkness, though it is not a fix. Shannon battles it on a constant basis.

Lydia and Rosa work tirelessly to get the girls ready for a battle, as they know they cannot face Nadia without the girls. But when the confrontation does not go as planned, tragedy strikes, and Shannon’s personal demon reappears.

Amanda has to help Shannon come back from the brink of madness to save the day, but can they really fight Nadia with Shannon? How can they remain together when so much is working towards driving them apart?

One thing’s for certain. Their lives will never be the same.

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