Flash Fiction Adventures

So I’m 1-2 days away from getting the chance to post my Flash Fiction story of the NYC Midnight Challenge Round 2, so time for a bit of filler for the blog. 😉

Round 2 was as much of an uneventful one as I’ve ever had. It wasn’t without its emotional roller coaster, though. As you may remember, I posted as soon as I received my prompts. This month’s round was:

Genre: Ghost Story // Location: A Brewery // Object: A Hairbrush

As soon as I was done freaking out about it, I spent two hours reading and watching videos about breweries. I even watched my first episode ever of How It’s Made, which was funny because my sister had only just told me about it earlier that day. Sadly, I didn’t even know it was a series before this weekend, and I’m pretty sure I might be hooked. Damn…

Nevertheless, armed with knowledge of the brewery process and how much I could add to my story, I started writing. Three hours later, the first draft was finished. And three hours later, I realised I wasted two hours of my day researching brewery processes. I totally used none of it. Except for the words lauter tuns, because they sounded cool.

I had finished my first draft. So I spent the next 30 minutes just doing a preliminary edit and reading for continuity. I was feeling pretty bloody good about it. But if there’s anything that I’ve learned about this process, is that nothing is perfect to start out. So I brought in the big guns. My hubby is the first of my beta readers. He’s generally very honest and has some good insights. I usually have two or three drafts before I send it off to my other betas.

He finishes my story on Saturday and says, “It’s alright.”

Oh yay! He’s going to have some good criticisms! “Okay. What’s wrong with it?”

Then he says, “Nothing. It’s really good!”

Seriously?! Ughhhhhh……

It’s 8pm on Saturday night. I didn’t have any options for readers. My best friend has family over, so I couldn’t possibly bother her with it. My other beta reader didn’t seem to be available. So I posted on my FB page asking for someone to help. Two hours later, nothing….

I decide to go to bed. Normally I can wake up the next day and have a slew of new ideas. So I totally think this as I go to bed. When I wake up, I have nothing new to add. In fact, I’m still fairly sure it’s near perfect.

So I go to the NYC Midnight forums and find the best post in the history of that desperate moment. Beta Readers Super Thread! People actually want to beta read my story, and in exchange, I beta theirs!

YAY! Thank goodness!

I had 3 beta readers. All of which had varying points of view, and all had amazing feedback. I read their stories and critiqued accordingly, and loved being able to help others like me. I changed my story a little, here and there, but in essence, it stayed mostly the same. It just got tightened up a bit. So it soooo was not perfect. In fact, I’m sure someone will have even more to critique when I post it. But I was happy with it.

I posted it first this Monday morning, because I couldn’t delay it anymore, since I had to go to work. I was happy with it. I felt good about what I had done. And then 2pm hit, which was the deadline, and I instantly felt fear.

OMG! Why didn’t I try harder to make sure it was fine! Is it good? Is it too derivative? Is that phone scene confusing? Are my characters too stereotypical? UGHHHH!!!

Seriously. I can’t wait for them to put me out of my misery. Until then, I’ll just be screaming in the corner. Or rocking myself. One or the other…. Ah, the life of a writer. haha

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4 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Adventures

  1. I love reading about everyone’s processes during these challenges. It’s amazing to see how differently we all dealt with our prompts and survived the crazy 48-hours. Congrats on finishing round two! I’m sure your ghost story is great!

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