Shannon’s Morning

Just practicing some on my characters this week for the book. I’m tinkering this week with the idea that Shannon’s homelife is not so good. Also, I wrote this story without using a backspace and just let the words flow out of me. It hasn’t resulted in a very good story, and it ends suddenly because I’m running out of time on the train. Still a better effort than I would have had a year ago, since I’ve been practicing just writing in the gaps of the day. Enjoy the horrible story. haha
Shannon eyes stung as she tried to blink some moisture into them. The sun shining directly at her did not help in the least. Sighing deeply, Shannon pushed herself upright. Aches from last night’s relay match were settling in her major muscles, and she wanted nothing more than to just stay in bed.
Her mother standing over her was motivation enough, though, and she groaned as she moved her legs out of the bed.
“I told you to stretch last night,” her mother nagged as she began walking out of the room.
“Meh,” Shannon said. “I’ll survive.”
The smell pancakes being cooked downstairs made its way into her room. “Mmmm, Dad cooking?”
“Mmhmm,” she answered as she exited the room. “Better hurry.”
Shannon heard the sound of her footfalls on the stairs and sighed. A quick stretch and then she would dare them too.
Minutes later, Shannon entered the kitchen to find the whole family was already sitting at the bench having their freshly cooked pancakes. Two sat on a plate by themselves with freshened cream and strawberries around the center. Smiling, Shannon went to grab them, but her father stopped her.
“You haven’t even said anything yet. You know the rules,” he said as he pulled her plate away.
“Good morning,” Shannon said, “Mikey, Karen. Fffrank.”
“Don’t take that condescending tone with me,” her father said.
“Yes, sir,” Shannon cowed.
“Now what do you say?” he scowled.
“Thanks for making me breakfast, Dad,” Shannon answered.
“Good girl. Not so hard, was it?” he said as he moved the plate back out towards her.
“No, sir,” Shannon said as she sat down.
Breakfast was eaten in silence. The sounds of clinks and scraps filled the room, but all Shannon could hear was her own internal dialogue. How one day she was happy with all of the other young ones at the home. How she was happy with the foster mother, Rosa. How she had never had any intention to leave her side. Rosa had promised everything would be fine, but then Karen and Frank came along. They ruined her perfect life and brought her here. Now nearly 10 years later she endured Frank’s constant hatred and Karen’s insipid nagging every day, and if it weren’t for Amanda and school, she would have left years ago. The only thing she could look forward to was being able to get away at summer camp in a week. Hopefully she could last that long.
With breakfast done, Shannon did the morning clean-up and left as soon as she could. Amanda would be waiting for her next door.


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