Welcome to the Real World

Well, my 4-day weekend has come to a screeching halt, as it’s prone to do after day four. I have to adult again. 😥

If anything, this weekend has taught me that I have poor time management outside of work. Don’t get me wrong. Four days off in quick succession ensures that I still get some time to myself, but I can never seem to do all the meaty stuff on one day and all the fun stuff on another. No. I have to spread it out across the four days instead so it doesn’t even feel like I was off the whole time. 

Seriously, on Thursday and Friday, I went grocery shopping. On Saturday I went shopping. On Friday, I did housework, but I saved laundry until Sunday. These are the kinds of things that could all be done on one day together. Sunday was food prep day, so there’s nothing to change with that, but had I managed my time better, I would have had more time to write. I also spent a fair chunk of time watching WatchMojo.com, because I simply can’t get enough TopTen countdowns. /facepalm. I spent a good number of hours playing Bayonetta 2, so I did get up to some fun. On Saturday, hubby bought me a keyboard, so my creative time on Saturday was spent playing it for hours. I only know how to pick on it, since my dad used to play. I know how to read sheet music, so the fun part was training my fingers to play more than one note at a time. I will never be a concert pianist, but eventually, I’d love to be able to sing and play at the same time, as he used to do.

Good news, though, I did spend a few hours working on my writing schedule for next month, and I have a lot of cool ideas for the blog during the month. So looking forward it all! Watch this space for much more than silly posts about how four day weekends fail as holidays. 😉


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