4 Day Weekend!

Today marks the beginning of a 4-day weekend for me, and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s always really important to get a few days here and there where you don’t have to go to work or run around like a headless chook (chicken, for all the non-Aussies out there 😉 ). Today has already been productive, with a long dogwalk/jog with my gorgeous puppy!

I have no shame.

Plus, a final trip to the dermatologist for my shameful adult acne. (It’s gone! ‘Reyyyy!!!) Breakfast of fish & egg (eww, I might add). And a trip to the grocery store to stock up for my meal prepping on the weekend.

After writing this, I plan on working on my monthly plans for my writing. I have a massive calendar just ready for me to fill it out. And fill it out, I shall! It’s time to knuckle down the finer details of my novel.

I am a blank slate. – My Brain

This week, I have been ironing out my antagonist, Nadia Crowell. Her husband was actually named Cromwell, but after escaping from GB and not wanting to be associated with Oliver Cromwell, he changed his name.

That actually has nothing to do with the story and won’t even be mentioned, more than likely. However, it’s fun to come up with even tiny stuff like that.

The next thing I’m working on is location. Previously it was set in Massachusetts, but the location was not really all the prominent in the end. So the decision I have to make is do I want to work on learning how people in New England speak? Or should I focus on what I know? Texas, Deep South and Australian?

My thoughts are that it’ll be easier to start in America. I had plans in book 3 to move the girls to Australia, and I think it’s really important to start States-side. Plus, I’m quite certain that I should just focus on the start of the series at this point, as there is no guarantee books 2 and 3 will ever exist. Though, I hope they will.

Later today, I might work on the writing prompt featured over at Flash Fiction Challenge (15.08.15). Just for a bit of fun.

Yes, also, I plan on writing a story this week. I’m aware I’m very far behind on this now, but the good news is that I have no power for 6 hours tomorrow, so I will be forced to write. 😉


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