Writing, Exercising, and the Emptiness In-Between

Last week, I posted up my story for all you fine people to read. I had some fantastic feedback about my story from the other competitors in the Flash Fiction Challenge, and I’m starting to feel pretty good about it. The reviews haven’t been exactly glowing, but I have received some amazing criticism about how to improve it if I ever try and publish it again. This is probably the first story I’ve written for the competition, though, that I don’t think I will try and publish. The main reason being that I feel like the subject matter hits a little bit too close to real fears, and I really don’t want to be one of those kinds of writers. If you don’t understand what I mean, just have a read of it, and tell me it doesn’t sound like something Michael Moore wouldn’t try and use in one of his documentaries *shudder*.

courtesy of tumblr.com

Nevertheless, I’m still pretty proud of the effort, and I can’t wait to hear what the results are of this round.

I have spent the last week and a bit reading other stories from the competition, as well, and as always, I am astounded at the sheer talent of the other competitors. There were at least 4 stories that I read that I simply couldn’t fault. That’s way too many!  

Additional to all of this awesomeness, I’ve been approved for leave at the beginning of November. So the first week of NaNoWriMo, I will have a full solid week to just relax and write to my heart’s content on my novel again. So I’m starting full-on prep mode this week, since it basically gives me about 2 and a half months to get ready for the marathon. Shannon and Amanda, my Young Mystics, will be ironed out this week and next, with better backstories. Nadia, my villain, will be given an overhaul to make her less despicable and one-dimensional, and I’ll work a little more on the lore of the world I’m creating. This is supposed to be the exciting part, but I’m basically acknowledging that my first, second, and even tenth drafts are completely useless. So I feel a little sad that my babies are turning into whining teens, but I’m excited that it means they are soon leaving for college. If I can make a basic mum analogy, that is… Not that I know anything about that. haha

image courtesy of Maxine's Shape Up Challenge
See Expectations Above

On Monday I begin a 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge. So I will be juggling the all-important sleep-work-gym-writing game. I have a few goals. Well, more than a few. Earlier in the year, I was diagnosed with Ross River Virus, which wreaks havoc on my joints. I’m going to try and ignore all of that this time and just work really hard on my diet and weights training. I know I won’t look like the fitness model on the front, because I’d rather not have less than 20% body fat, but I really want to break back into a healthy weight again. So fingers and toes crossed! 😀

So this weekend will be all about meal prepping….

Fo’ realz??? oh…em…geeee….

and laundry…

An accurate representation                                                                             (courtesy: http://i38.servimg.com/u/f38/17/09/21/76/laundr10.jpg)

Somewhere amongst all this, I will write a story, work on my book, and contemplate my demise. Perhaps not in that particular order. Nevertheless, it should be a fun-filled weekend by most standards. 😉 Or maybe I meant un-fun. >_>

Annnndddd yesss…. I totally just realised I could add photos to my posts. Maybe they might be a little more entertaining now! 😉


One thought on “Writing, Exercising, and the Emptiness In-Between

  1. And ads?

    I read a really good article on how writer’s need to have thick skins. I found my last reviews very hard because I had invested so much emotion and passion in my writing that it was very hard to accept the writing, and the reviews itself can also be either emotional, or interpreted emotionally.

    The really good part about the article was the suggestion that when people criticise you are they are almost always right that something is wrong, but also almost always wrong about WHAT that something is. In the end the writing is the author’s IP, not the readers.

    Of course I write a lot of very technical documentation and I get corrections or requests for clarifications all the time. It all makes sense to me, but assuming my customers are stupid for not understanding it is not the right approach 🙂 – the purpose at the end of the day is to educate them and their failure to learn means my document is not working. I don’t see fiction much different.


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