One More Day

I still have one more day before I can post my story for the Flash Fiction Challenge, and I just can’t wait to see how some of the other contestants rate my story. I’m not overly confident about it, but what I love about the contest is the critiques I get. 72 hours after the submissions are due, they allow for the stories to be published, and then there are forums that allow you to post up the story link so you can get feedback from fellow contestants. This is the part I love the most. I mean, the feedback from the judges is great, but there are some talented writers that are always involved in it. And their feedback is amazing.

On top of that is I get to read some of these contestants’ stories. Yesterday, on the forums, they started posting their title and synopsis for their stories, and even two from my group posted theirs. It is always so surprising to see which angle people went with their prompts. In my group’s case, we all three have completely different ideas, and that is just so exciting. As I read though the synopses, I started to write down a list of all the stories I wanted to read. There are actually over 30. It takes me roughly 5 minutes to read the stories, but then it takes probably 15-20min to write my critique. The more critiques you write, the more critiques you receive. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work, and every time I’ve done it, it has been that way. The main reason I read, though, is simply for the pure enjoyment of it. As I said before, there are some seriously amazing writers in this contest, and it’s amazing to see their style. As a bonus, the more I read, the more I can improve my own writing style. 

This morning, I also thought of a way to finally write the political satire if I ever have to write it! And that’s pretty exciting! I still dread getting that genre, but the fact that I’m considering all of the various angles to write such a piece is more than I could say I could do a year ago. So there’s that. hah

SO starting tomorrow, I’m going to be super busy reading and critiquing away. But I’m still planning on getting a story out for next week. Even if it’s just a short story about Shannon or Amanda from my Young Mystics series. šŸ™‚


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