Gym Buddy – a Crime Procedural

This has to be one of the silliest and stupidest stories I’ve ever written. Done on the train just to get my writing in for the week. Don’t condemn me too much. haha
Gym Buddy

4am. The bunch of hardcore gym junky buddies arrived to their local gym, Flex-o-gym. Busy showing off their biceps and calves, they barely noticed the group fitness room was still alight. One mentioned that it was coloured red in the room, but they barely paid any attention to it. The chatter continued, and they went about their routine of spotting and congratulating each other for the killer reps they did.

6am. The personal trainer arrived. He shook his head as he realised that the hardcore gym junky buddies had left their dumbbells and weight plates on the ground and the machines. The stay-at-home mums would be there soon, and they wouldn’t be able to lift it all. It was up to him to do it again. He was too annoyed to notice the group fitness room.

7am. The receptionist arrived to set up the counter for the morning. She went to turn the computer on only to find out it had never been turned off. With a sigh, she opened the register and found it hadn’t been balanced either. The night receptionist hadn’t done his job of closing the till. This was going to set her back this morning. She stormed away with ferocity.

7:30am. The receptionist was finally ready for the day now. Annoyed, she snapped at the mum who was trying to tell her the light to the group fitness room was on. The door had been locked and none of the women could get in. With an annoyed sigh, she dug for the keys and went over to the door.

8am. The owner arrived at the carpark. Police cars with red and blue lights flashed all around. The stay-at-home mums were crying and shaking as they talked to emergency workers. The receptionist’s skin was pale; her face blank. The personal trainer was pacing up and down the entrance way. 

9am. The night receptionist was slowly wheeled away from the crime scene. A dumbbell removed and set inside a bag. The blood still on it. 

10am. A sign was placed on the front door, closed until further notice.

4am. The bunch of hardcore gym junky buddies came back to find the notice and police tape. They questioned what happened, but no one among them knew. Police arrived and questioned the group. They hadn’t even known. The night receptionist was reported to be killed around 4am. They didn’t even know it had happened. They were the only ones in the gym, they thought, but they could have been distracted. Asked if they knew the night receptionist, they all agreed they did, but didn’t recall seeing him the morning before. They all happily gave DNA samples to prove their innocence.

5pm. Police caught the killer. She had been there when the gym junky buddies were there, and when the first of the stay at home mums. She had even been there when the receptionist arrived. Finally leaving after 7am. She figured she was invisible. Even to her husband, the night receptionist. She was, except for the police. Police closed their case. The gym would reopen.

4am. The bunch of hardcore gym junky buddies returned to their local gym, Flex-o-gym. Their gazes briefly looking into the group fitness room. They all used the tragedy as a reason to keep going. After all. That night receptionist looked ripped to the max for his funeral.


2 thoughts on “Gym Buddy – a Crime Procedural

  1. Maybe more a plot than a story 🙂 No dialogue and the main plot element is that no-one notices anything

    Perhaps the start of a gym satire? It sounds like some personal observations of certain cliques creeping into the story. It does remind me a bit of Malcolm in the Middle when the father loses his job and befriends the bodybuilders in the park.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah. It was more a satire of how I feel about commercial gyms. And it was written hastily on a 40min train ride. But thanks for the comment! It made me giggle at the Malcolm part!


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