So Reader’s Digest no longer put up fiction stories written by amateur authors. My husband has been trying to get me to submit a story to them for a little while now, but when I went to their site to see what the submission guidelines were, I was confronted with the fact that they only accept real stories. 

I have to admit, I never read the magazine. It had always struck me as a housewife type of mag, like the Lifetime network version of the printed word. But I was a bit surprised to see it is just like all the other magazines out there. The main point of difference was they do still take short stories, as long as they are real life accounts.

So I decided earlier in the week that I would try to do this. A few years ago, I went through a pretty trying time when the Queensland floods destroyed my home, so I thought I could write an encouraging story about rising from the ashes (or water, in this case) and finding humanity in the world, etc. Something that people would enjoy.

However, I have been struggling to get anywhere. I think I have a solid start, but I’m not sure how to progress and how to end it. I’m trying to not allow it to be too sappy and cliche, but unfortunately, with every word, that’s where I feel it’s going. Maybe it’s just the wrong subject matter. 

So I’m taking a break from it today to write this blog. And try to start writing a few short fiction stories in under 600 words for a contest on Brilliant Fiction Mag. Wooo so much fun! I’ll get to post them if none of them are selected, so maybe in September, I’ll showcase them here. hehe


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