Today I finally lodged my application to become an Australian citizen. I have decided to maintain my US citizenship, as well, so dual citizenship, here I come!

In the next few months, I’ll have an interview and have to sit a citizenship test. All going well, I should know by the start of the new year if I have been approved as a citizen. Then I have to do the swear-in, and I’ll be official.

It’s a little crazy. But I’m excited nonetheless.

Growing up, I’d never have thought that I would move out of Texas, let alone out of the country. I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve had, but mostly I’m just thankful for my hubby. He’s given me so much, and none of this would have been possible without him.

Today, I also signed up for Scribophile, which I haven’t done any reading on it yet. If you haven’t heard of it, the site is a writing community with a bit of a difference. It works off a karma points basis. Basically, if you read and critique other stories, you get karma that allows you to post your own work to have it read and critiqued, as well. For my first entry, I am looking at doing 8-Bit Folly, which I will be working on redrafting to incorporate some of the critiques I received for it during the Flash Fiction Challenge last year.

I have also completed my NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge registration, so that is official as well! I’m also looking at a few publishing websites, so I may not post as many stories up as I like. Or if I do, they will be rough first drafts before I try and get them published.

So in essence, I’m making 2015 and hopefully the start of 2016 the best ever! High five! haha


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