Focus & uhhh…. What was I saying?

I started writing a story on Monday, and that was the last she wrote…

No, seriously. That’s all I’ve done this week. I did that on the train ride to work, when my mind was fresh and excited about the week ahead. I had to stop writing that day because my ride was over. I intended to finish it during the day or once I finished the shift, but I failed in that.

I wouldn’t say I have writer’s block. That would be ridiculous. I still have lots of ideas and spent a good deal of time thinking about my Young Mystics. My issue is focus…

My work week has changed a lot. In the last six weeks, I have moved roles in my company, and now instead of doing something fairly routine, my days are up and down. I’m having to think both logically and laterally, all day, and because of that, my brain is pretty much mush by the end of the day. I wake up and do a workout, catch the train to work, read or research and then work for 8 hours before I go back home and workout again. Hopefully all of this fitness stuff will make me healthier and my mind keener.

I have to think about this major thing now too. It’s midway through July now. I have 2 and a half months to get ready for NaNoWriMo. That’s actually not that much time. I have a lot of world-building to do before that point. And character building too.

The main thing I have been thinking about this week has been revolving around the main villain. In my original book, my villain was evil for the sake of the story. Her backstory was somewhat skipped, and there was little understanding about what was driving her. I was unconscious to this fact until I started thinking about this rewrite. I realise how amateurish my book was now. I’ll always hold it dear to my heart, but I’ve seen the light now. haha And I want desperately to be better than the Jameses and Meyers of the world.

I have decided, as well, that I will be doing the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge¬†again, so the weekend of 31 July, I’ll be busy doing that. I’ll definitely be posting up that story as soon as I’m allowed for the competition.

Lastly, I’ve decided to try something different again with this site. I’m going to try and write something every day. Whether this is a blog post, a story, a poem, a song, an article, or a review, I will decide. This will just get me prepared for November, since 50k words is a lot of work. I need to get into a rhythm. So apologies if my posts aren’t always very relevant and that I keep changing my mind. I’ll figure out an operating rhythm for this blog at some point.


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