An Unnatural Birth

Today’s story is an attempt at another beginning for my book The Young Mystics: Bloodlines & Destinies. It’s obviously a very rough draft, and there’s a very real possibility this will not be the way I go for the start of the book. But it’s fun looking at it from a different perspective.

An Unnatural Birth

“She’s going to kill her!” the young woman screamed as she was placed into a wheelchair.

Her strawberry blond hair was stuck to her forehead where beads of sweat lined every inch, dripping into her eyes and cheeks. Her driver’s license called her Hester Eleanor Golden, and she had just been brought into the emergency room by a good samaritan who had heard her screams.

“Miss, just calm down,” the nurse said.

The nurse placed her hand on her womb and smiled, “We’ll take perfect care of you and your child. How far along are you?”

The nurse jumped back in surprise, shaking the hand she used to touch Hester. “Uh… must have been static electricity,” she said.

“Eight… and… three,” Hester answered.

The nurse turned away and ushered an orderly to Hester. “Take her to the maternity ward immediately.”

The orderly moved at a quick pace as Hester’s cries grew louder. Her face grimaced between looks of intense focus.

“You just don’t understand!” Hester said. “She’s going to kill her! You’ve got to stop it!”

“Hester, who’s going to kill who?” the orderly asked.

“Rhiannon…. Rhiannon is trying to kill Shannon,” she said as tears flowed down her face.

The orderly picked up his pace with a questioning look upon his face. The contractions kept coming, and he knew that they didn’t have much time. He entered the maternity ward in a rush.

“She’s got twins!” he said. “Something’s wrong!”

A rush of movement started, and from then, everything was a blur for Hester. So much was going on around her that she was only half aware when she was placed on a bed and her feet had been raised. She heard words circulating about feet and dilation, but her concentration was not broken. Her brow was furrowed, and she whined heavily with every breath.

“Hester,” the doctor said, breaking through finally to speak with her. “The baby is coming, but the umbilical cord is wrapped around her throat. She’s choking to death.”

Hester screamed, tightly shut her eyes and pursed her lips.

Suddenly the room sprang into action. Wind swept through the delivery room and electricity sparked on all of the machines attached to Hester. A few of the nurses shirked back in fear, but the doctor kept going. His face intent on the baby only.

Hester cried in agony as the doctor tried to save the babe. The ground shook in the room, and the nurses ran out of the room with screams of “Demon!”

But still the doctor remained. Hester opened her eyes suddenly and let out another scream. Within, the umbilical cord loosened to the surprise of the doctor. His look of confusion passed as he said, “Push, Hester!”

Hester screamed as she made her first real push. Minutes later, the doctor was holding a baby girl who’s hands and legs twitched. Her blonde hair and shiny blue eyes stared back at her mother. She appeared healthy and strong.

“H…i… Shannon,” Hester whispered.

The babe’s fingers flexed out in a form of wave.

Smiling, Hester squinted her eyes and sat still. The room exploded into action again. Equipment toppled over and instruments flew off shelves. The doctor, still holding the babe, ran out of the room calling for a nurse to take the diminutive Shannon. As she was removed, the room just stopped moving.

Hester let out a guttural scream, as her body convulsed. The doctor ran back to her, calling the remaining nurses to come. Hesitant at first, they came. Shannon could be heard in another room crying loudly as the machines hooked up to Hester started to flat-line.

The doctor and nurses worked tirelessly to revive Hester, but they had no success. At 4pm that day, Hester Eleanor Golden was pronounced dead. An emergency c-section was done, despite a bad ultrasound result. Somehow the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck.

Rhiannon Golden was pronounced stillborn.

With quiet deliberation, the staff cleaned up. Hester was taken away with Rhiannon in her arms, and the doctor prepared for his next delivery. Shannon continued to cry in the ward. She was all alone now.

“What just happened?” he asked, as he watched Hester disappear down the corridor.

But no one had an answer. No one knew.

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