A month ago, I suddenly stopped writing on this blog. It was in part due to it feeling like a chore and in other parts to do with laziness. At least, that’s what I have believed, but tonight I sat down to write a couple of articles and get started on a couple of stories. I thought I would start with the articles, because they are the hardest and most time-consuming. Then I realised something really important. I stopped writing because of the articles. I loved researching them and writing them, but I have to think about the amount of time  it took away from my writing. 

My article for writing while working a full-time job took 2 weeks to complete. I spent 7 hours researching it, 2 hours outlining it, and then another 4 hours writing it. If I really wanted it to be great, I would have also spent another 2 hours editing it. Instead, I rushed it on the blog to get something up. So for two article slots, I spent over 10 hours on the article alone. In that article, I explained that writing between the spaces, and coming up with a daily plan to write was as important as the actual writing. But because I was spending so much time working on this, I kind of stopped writing the actual stories. And overall, that is the most important thing I should be working on. 

So from here on out, my stories are going to be the focus. My research will continue, but instead of writing an article, I will just do some blog posts with links of the best resources I have found. The goal will remain writing two blogs a week. One will be an actual blog of what I have done during the regarding managing my time between all my competing interests, and the second will be the promised weekly story. 

I apologise for making so many changes in a short period of time, but I feel a lot more confident now that I can get on track and stay there. 🙂 And admittedly, it’s such a new blog, that I will have to try a lot of different things to confirm which direction I want to take it in the future. 😉


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