Earlier this year,  I contracted a virus. It’s this thing called Ross River Virus/Fever, which is a really uninteresting sounding disease until you hear what it is. The symptoms include fever, rashes, fatigue,  sore muscles, and polyarthritis. Polyarthritis is basically the same as rheumatoid arthritis. You get sore, stiff joints. Depending on the person, the symptoms can be mild to severe. Some people have been known to have it for a year,  others 6 weeks. Some may become bed-ridden, while others just sore. It is also inconsistent, so some days are worse than others.

The virus is contracted through a mosquito bite, and I was one of thousands affected this year by it. Before you say something about insect repellent and the like, let me make it very clear. I have never heard of this before this year. In fact, when I was given the diagnosis most of the people at my office had to be explained what it was.

For the last month, I have been starting to feel heaps better. So I think the worst part of it is over for me. So for the first time in months, I started working out again, which cut into the time I have been using to write. It’s been a struggle to do  anything more than basic world-building, still just as important, but that means I haven’t spent any time writing my Show, Don’t Tell article.

What I have decided this week, though, is the format of my blog needs to change to accommodate my life a little better, so articles will be posted on Saturdays going forward, and the story on Sunday or Monday. Also, that I intend to enter NaNoWriMo this year, with my first novel being completely overhauled and rewritten from the first sentence (in the prologue that is a big no-no, I’ve learned from doing this blog 🙂 ). During that month, I won’t be writing any short stories, and what few blog posts I make will be centred on the subject of NaNoWriMo. Also the months leading will be about prepping for writing a book. So some exciting times ahead!! hehe

If  only I could stop chasing my tail getting real posts up! 😉

2 thoughts on “Decision-making

  1. Work-life-writing balance can be difficult. I try not to write when it feels like a chore rather than part of my life balance, but then I get depressed by slow progress I am making. That makes it harder to start writing again.

    Sill when I am in the mood I enjoy the writing and that is the sweet spot

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    1. Yeah… I decided to take an extra couple of weeks break because it was feeling quite chore-ish. I still intend to finish my story challenge to myself, but I just needed some extra time to find my rhythm again. Hopefully I will be able to pick up what I started soon. 🙂


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