Today’s story is going to be a very short one. It is in direct conjunction with my article coming this Thursday. This week’s blog article will be centered on “Show, Don’t Tell,” as telling a statement as ever there was, so I thought to make things fun, I would “tell” a story. Then on Thursday, it’ll be edited into a showing story. I’m hoping it pays off and today’s story at 246 words will be closer to 500 words after edited. I think it’ll be fun! (My version of fun may be different from yours. >_>)

Also, I did try and have a distinct beginning, middle and end, and because of that, the story is pretty basic. But I’m hoping it comes off a little funny in the finished product.


Clara looked up at the sky anxiously. It was daytime, but it was so dark.

“It’s gonna be a big storm,” she heard from beside her.

The train platform was near empty. There were three others waiting – the man beside her, a woman in her nurse’s uniform, and the train mistress. Of course, here she is with earphones in her ears, and he had to speak with her.

“Yeh,” she half-replied.

“I have a brolly,” the man said beside her.

Attempting to not make eye contact, she said, “Good for you.”

The sounds of the train echoed. She breathed a sigh of relief. A roll of thunder followed as the train slowed. Clara entered the train and walked to the furthest end of the cab. She hoped she made it obvious enough that she did not want company.

After the train started moving again, she believed she had escaped.

Minutes later, lightning struck, and the train suddenly stopped.

“Hello, passengers, power to the train has just stopped due to the weather conditions. We’re working to get the backup generators going. We will keep you assessed to any further developments.”

Clara sighed. She wasn’t going anywhere now.

Then the man from the platform stepped forward, feet shuffling. He planted himself in the seat beside her, trapping her in her seat.

“Hi, mate,” he grinned, teeth rotten and breath rancid.

Her eyes met his, and she was instantly regretful. It was going to be a long afternoon.

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