The Unnatural Poet

Today’s post is going to be a change of pace. I thought rather than write a full story, and given I’m well on my way to completing my challenge of 34 stories this year (33 weeks still left and I’ve already written 4, go me!), today I might write some poetry. I don’t really do much in the way of poetry, so I struggled to write much. Too many of them turned into mini-stories, so rather than post them and embarrassing myself further, I decided to go with this. I tried two different types, so they are still very cheesy. Hope you enjoy!

Barren (haiku)

A noise woke me up.

No furniture on the floor.

What’s going on here?

Grief (haiku)

All my things are gone.

All my brother’s things are gone.

Why? I wish I knew.

Mother (acrostic)

My mother inspires me

Often nurturing, despite her stresses,

There are few that match her.

How I wish she knew how

Encouraging she was in my life.

Respectfully, I thank you, Mom.

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