Terra, of Earth – Unabridged

So last week I  posted a 1/4 story, and I still am kicking  myself about it. This story was written in freestyle, and I have to admit I am quite underwhelmed by it. A really good edit would fix it, but my puppy took front and centre this weekens after all. So I hope you enj
enjoy it. Here is the full unabridged version of…
Terra, Of Earth

Terra looked out across the landscape from atop the trees. The forest stretched out for miles; the shades of oranges and brown were as far as the eye could see. Birds were enjoying the morning Sun, flying above and diving back into the trees.
For a moment, Terra felt she was home.

A sudden noise underneath cancelled her revelry. The guttural roar echoed, and the trees rattled with the reverberations. Terra remembered why she came up here. Her head turned from left to right until she could finally see what she needed. The gateway glowed from within the forest at least one and a half miles away.

“Hurry, Terra!” a voice echoed in her mind.

She delayed no further, climbing down the branches of the tree. Looking down, Terra could see her travelling partners. Ferdinand, a silver knight, stood at the ready; his blade and shield in his hands. Farlah, the sorceress, had her focus on the path to the left.

“Hast thou located the gateway?” Ferdinand called.

“I have,” she said, still halfway up the tree.

“Let us make haste, then,” he advised, as the roar bellowed through the trees again.

“This way,” Terra called, as she landed on the ground.

Sprinting, Terra led the pair. For the first time in 3 days, she felt like she was finally going back home. This nightmare might actually end.

Three days ago, Terra awakened. She was instantly bewildered as she realised she was laying on a hard, damp surface.  Her hands touched the concrete as her eyes blinked. She couldn’t focus on anything except for one tiny light coming from the far left side of what felt like a cell.

“She hath stirred,” Terra heard a male voice say.

Terra rose urgently and spoke, “Who said that?”

“Do not be alarmed,” she heard a female voice say, but the sound came from within her own mind.

Terra was on her feet within seconds.

“Thou hast done it again, Farlah,” the male voice said. “Perhaps thou could shine a light in this dark chasm.”

In the furthest corner of the room opposite Terra, fire began to shine. Behind it, a tall dark woman stood. Her skin was the colour of a rich brown. She had a menacing gaze about her, but Terra was more focused on the fire she conjured than the woman herself.
Terra jumped back against the wall. Her gaze faltered for a moment longer as she saw the 7ft knight standing even closer to her.

“Who’re you?” she asked.

“My name is Ferdinand, King of Sequoria,” the knight bowed deeply, his mail armor clinking with every movement. “The dark-coloured lady is Farlah. In my land, she wouldst be named a sorceress. Farlah’s people communicate through the mind.”

“We do not have tongues as you do,” Farlah said.

A smile stretched across the sorceress’s face, and for a moment, Terra’s apprehension lessened.

“Where am I?” Terra finally asked.

“Ah, to know the answer,” Ferdinand said. “Farlah dost know better than I.”

“This is my land,” Farlah said, “but it has not been right for many a year.”

Farlah went on to tell quite a tale. Several years ago a great gateway opened from within the forest of the elves. Farlah had witnessed firsthand the invasion of her land. A giant race of half man half bears entered through the portal and enslaved the nation. They forced any they didn’t kill to perform for them, some as actors and others as gladiators. Every day they used the people as their entertainment, and if ever one couldn’t go on or just stopped in protest, they were smashed into a paste. When the people started to dwindle from existence, they started going into other lands and snatching people. Every day there were new peoples from lands far and wide that were forced to become performers for amusement.

Terra became instantly focused on escape, and with the help of Ferdinand and Farlah, they had been successful. The bear-men were not exactly clever, and Terra benefited from years of experience on theatrics. All they needed were cut outs of themselves moving around with mechanics to make it appear they were doing something. The bear-men fell for it for a while, and that’s all they needed to make their escape.

Now they were running for their lives through the Elven Forest. The ground shook as the bear-men closed in, but Terra and her companions could see the gateway. They could make it there.
The roars of the bear-men echoed through the trees, forcing loose branches to fall all around them. Ferdinand used his sword to stop them from hitting the diminutive Terra.
Farlah conjured smoke around them to hide their presence, as they reached the bottom of the steps to the gateway. It was then that the first bear-man appeared.

Terra looked up at the giant portal. An image appeared from within it. A young woman stretched out across a bed, sleeping. Tubes ran along her arms and from her nose. Machines all around her beeped and wheezed.
She suddenly remembered the car crash.

The sounds of the world brought her back, as Ferdinand screamed, “You cannot have her!”

His sword sliced at the hand of the bear-man. Farlah was shooting fireballs at the giant, but they barely singed its fur. Terra looked up at the gateway and back at her companions. They would surely die if she ran in.

Are they even real? She asked herself.

Their screams answered her question, as they were lifted from the ground. She picked up a rock and threw it. The bear-man faltered and lowered the knight and sorceress.
The three turned and looked at Terra.

Bowing, the knight said, “Thou hast passed the test.”

“You are free to return home,” Farlah said.

“Terra fierce. Terra deserve life,” the bear-man said.
Then he picked her up and threw her into the portal.

Terra gasped as she woke from her hospital bed.

“What was that?” she sighed.


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