The Tragedy of the Unprepared

There was once this writer named Mel, and every week she wrote twice in her blog. Then one week,  that just ended. With nothing written as a backup or even started,  she suddenly suffered the tragedy of being unprepared, and the blog suffered. Oh woe is she…

I have had a ridiculous week of being super busy this week, and my writing had to take a back seat. My puppy was desexed on Thursday, so after having hubby take care of her during the day,  I gave her my full attention that night. Same happened last night after work. The plan is today and tomorrow, becoming prepared again for the next two weeks so if something like this happens again I won’t spend any days beating myself up about it. So there will be no article this week. The short story from Monday’s post will be finished and posted on this Monday as scheduled. And we will all forget this week even happened. 😉


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