Obligatory First Post

I have blogged before, but this site is slightly different from the standard blogs. This is just the first step to trying to build a bigger online presence for myself, as I try to become a published author.

I will give you a bit of information now (extra to the About Me page), and then explain my format for the future.

My name (as the title of this page states) is Melony Boseley, and I am a writer.

I work and live in Australia. I do have a full-time job, so that takes a lot of my time during the week. I tend to make a lot of excuses for why I haven’t made it as a writer, but I know the real reason. And that’s where this site comes into play. I procrastinate. And by procrastinate, I mean, I probably dedicate a solid 24 hours every 6 months to writing. I generally do my daily exercises of 10 minutes per day, and that’s it.

And here’s where the format of this blog comes into play. I’m actively going to post a new story every week. Not lengthy ones, because the goal is to write a total of 34 stories this year, aside from my books, etc. Why 34? Because I’m 34 years old this year. So it makes it an easy number to remember.

Every week, on Monday, I will release the new story. Then on Thursday, I will write a blog about what I’ve learned this week about writing.

The site will be not just a resource for my writing style but for those like myself that are trying to build their brand. I am very keen to see if this is a format that can work, and I’m genuinely hopeful to get some feedback about anything I do post.

I’ll make posts on my social media sites every week when the story is up. And I promise to make it flash fiction, so I am not wasting too much of anyone’s time. Every week, dependent on if I have any comments, etc, I will try and make this interesting for everyone.

Recently I completed the Flash Fiction Challenge and Short Story Challenge at NYC Midnight. Their format is simple. They give you 3 random elements and you have to integrate all of them into your story.

So for all future stories I will take any of the following elements, but keep it down to three:

  • Subject
  • Character
  • Genre
  • Object
  • Setting
  • First sentence

I hope you do enjoy what I have to say and write! Happy reading!


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